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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PST

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but it looks nice sort of. >> anyway, we want to thank you guys. >> we had a fun, fun, fun two weeks. the l.a. tourism board has been off the hook terrific to us, and the folks here at universal city walk have been great, too. we want to thank everybody. >> there's a reason we have a mariachi band. you know what today is? it's national margarita day. of course, it is. so we have a margarita. >> these are -- hoda, i think yours -- these are our personalities. >> what? >> one of them is sweet, and one is a little saucy. >> yours is a jalapeno margarita because you're spicy. yep. and what's yours? >> and mine is a la pinella margarita because i'm sweet. >> i think they got them mixed up. >> i don't think so. anyway, the mariachi band is from camacho cantina.
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right here. that's where the margaritas are inspired by. >> you know a guy named tom la blanch. he's a city household member of los angeles. waive your hand, tom la blanch. how are you, baby? >> this is beautiful right here. beautiful pink hot dog. >> what's in a pink hot dog. >> go to la breya and tell them i sent you. let's hear it for pink. >> thank you for being out here. this is from my district, the montecino angels. >> god bless them. >> officially here, the
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certificate from our mayor. our sister city map. you're going to discover los angeles,.com. let's hear it for the tourist board. right here, kathie lee, your own star from the walk of fame. and hoda right here, very authentic. >> hey, tom, you rock. >> we appreciate it. wouldn't it have been nice the first day? the kickoff? >> i was a little busy. no, no, you've got to come back. we love you. we love you. let's hear it for these two great people. >> just go to okay. >> that's as close as i'm ever going to get. i want to thank the academy. >> we have a special guest, a couple of special guests. do you guys like lmfao?
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you note song?" i'm sexy and i know it." well, the brains behind it is going to be with us today. red foo is in the house. >> i learned that. >> red foo is back there. he's got the signature glasses, the signature lid. >> you know what i love? red foo brought his mother. even red foo has a mother and he loves her. and she is here. hello, red foo mama. oh, yeah. >> mama foo. >> mama foo. >> so you guys, every friday you do a friday funny. >> usually. >> and we thought it would be funnier if it wasn't kathie lee doing it. so we decided to bring another special guest up here to do it first [ laughter ] >> john lovett.
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>> john has his own little puppy there. >> what you got, baby, for us? >> who is this? >> this is my dog. he is a rescue. he is a tea cup great dane. he's one of the biggest producers in town and my dog. >> how long have you had him, john? >> almost a year. . tell us your joke. >> oh. >> well, he has his own comedy club right here. >> i know, but -- >> a comedy club at the other end on universal city rock. it's above johnny rockets. if you want to go there. it's a great club. >> you perform there obviously. >> yeah, and there. >> what's the joke? >> hoda. >> a couple in -- you ready? >> ready. >> okay. a couple in their 60s wake up in the morning, and the wife is looking at herself in the mirror completely nude. she says look at me i'm fat and ugly. give me a compliment. and he says, "your eyesight's
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perfect." [ laughter ] >> i have more, but i can't tell them on the air. >> we should point out, john is a very good tennis player. i do this chris evert charity event. >> oh, yeah. you played it. >> he is a rock star, as is red foo who played the junior circuit. the guy from lmfao. >> he really -- he was on the juniors. >> john, we're going to bring up our good friend bobbie thomas. >> b.t. >> bobbie thomas. >> hi, bobbie. thanks for coming to the show. >> thank you very much. >> well, the oscars are this weekend. i know you're getting ready, you know, prepping all your stuff. >> yes, i'm nominated for "lincoln." day-lewis was sick that day. >> i have some fun stuff to help help you get red carpet ready. if you want to turn your bangs bango is a great way to maintain it at home. >> it's a clip that gives you a dvd.
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this weird clampy tool that does hold your bangs in place. something i know you'll love. you can snip away. you may like this next one better. this is my favorite way to get in shape. get fit from bed. >> oh, yeah. >> this is actually, believe it or not, a book that will help you get in shape and exercise from bed. >> for fat lazy people. >> like me. >> and if your bling isn't real or if it is and you might get that funky black mark like when your big gold chain moves, this is jewelry -- this is jewelry shield that's great if you're allergic to any alloys and metals. last but not least this is an awesome invention by crystal powder. these are called paw palates. you can have hands-free when you are putting your make-up on. you can blend the perfect concealer. i can just tap the excess. >> a paw palate. my dog will love this. it's inspired by you. i want to point out that one of our viewers sitting in the audience, michelle, gave me --
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if you hold your wrist up, this is a really cool way to kind of -- it's an id holder and a bracelet combined. it's a cool cuff. >> oh. >> i am going to put her information on-line too. thank you. >> cool. >> now you're red carpet ready, right? >> thank you, bobbie. we love you, bobbie. >> we're going to pick our most creative sign. let us see your signs. >> don't go away, bobby. >> you're going to help pick. >> okay. >> oh, i love that. >> who do we like? >> i got to say it's slim pickings today. you are as exhausted as we are. shout it out, please, to my sister courtney. okay. >> over here. >> yeah. he has -- keep it coming. keep it coming. >> should we go with california dreaming? >> they've tried three days in a row. >> i think it might be time for california dreamin.
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>> where is our monkey lady who has been here the entire two weeks? she gets an award. >> she gets an award too. you can have my -- no. no. >> give her the bread. >> here, sweetie. you get the bread. thank you. >> i'll get you that, too. >> thank you guys. >> thanks. we have a big show, you guys. lmfao is with us. we're going to dance right after this. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day.
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>> from his trademark hair to his catchy style and beats, grammy-nominated red foo is sexy and he knows it. >> he's from the group lmfao. they're taking a little break which is going to give you time to teach us some of your famous dance moves at the end of this segment. >> yeah, baby. >> for some people who don't know, berry gordy is your dad. >> yeah. >> the legendary barry gordy. >> we call him dad foo. >> and mama foo is here today. >> that's right. >> dad foo has a big show coming up on broadway courtesy of our friend doug morris called "motown the musical."
2:17 am
>> yes. yes. it's going to be amazing. >> we'll see you at that opening. >> the grammys must have been a thrill for you guys. how was that? >> it was amazing because it was our second nomination, and we went out there, and then i hooked up with jay leno. >> of course, you did. you were on the carpet. >> yeah. >> you did not hook up with jay leno. >> i didn't hook up with him -- >> choose your words lightly. >> i cour >>. >> corresponded for him. >> there you go. >> for him. >> now we understand. >> yeah. >> how was that working the red carpet for him? >> the red carpet? it was amazing. sometimes i couldn't get the celebrities' attention. >> how? >> i know. see? >> and you know it. >> and i know it. but they didn't know it. all i had to say is i'm working for jay, and then they would -- they love jay. >> can i ask you a question. i'm so into your hair right now. i just need to touch it. i have the same hair when i -- when was the last time that you cut it? >> i like that. >> when did you cut it? >> i cut it last -- probably, like, 16 years ago.
2:18 am
haven't cut my hair. >> look how long it goes when you pull it. >> yeah. >> how come it's not out to here if it's 16 years? >> because it breaks off. >> i like it. it's easier than cutting. >> in the bed when i roll around and stuff -- >> i have hair like that, but i put keratin in it and i flatten it out and a pound of gel. >> but it's his image, hoda woman. >> how come you're taking a break you and your partner? >> i hear there are problems. >> no, no, no, no. >> that's the word on the street. >> word on the street -- you know, you can't trust everything that's on the street. >> no kidding. >> it's just that we are two strong individuals. two strong champions. >> but you're the uncle, and he is the nephew. >> yeah. >> you have jurisdiction, i think. >> you know, but then when the nephew gets older and bigger, you know, and stronger messing with ufc, putting uncle in choke
2:19 am
holds and stuff, i say hey. he can make his own decisions now. >> how old is he? >> he is 26. >> he doesn't even have his frontal lobe yet. >> will you show us some of your dance moves? i know there's a signature move. [ cheers ] >> you and your fashion icon self. >> i got a couple of moves. i got a couple of moves. i got -- you know, the shuffle. right? it's like the charleston. >> the charleston? >> yeah. >> put your hands out. yeah. yeah. ♪ sexy and i know it >> what else? >> then we got the wiggle. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah. yeah. ♪ and i know it >> then i have a new one. the new one is i'll award you my body. it's just this to you. and then to you.
2:20 am
>> yeah, baby. >> careful. edge of the stage. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> oh, yeah. >> that's the groove. >> only three moves you've got to have? show the last one. we have another minute. >> okay. we got to do -- they call this the turn around bootie pop. >> i like it already. >> you go and you just pop it like this and you look. >> oh, yeah. we're going to be back, you guys, right after this. i mastered origami while beating the record for hacky sack. found bigfoot. swam the english channel. and then i swam back. and then i took the dogs for a walk. how do i do all of this? 5-hour energy. hours of energy now with no crash later.
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>> red foo is never going home. he is staying with us. three, two, one live with sara haynes. >> she has a few questions that will just blow our minds. >> oh, we do. okay. first up we have katie. >> hi, katie. >> hi, katie.
2:25 am
>> i was wondering what is your guys' favorite thing about california? >> can i tell you what my favorite thing about california is? right here right now this sunshine. this sunshine in february. this sunshine. perfect. >> you keep reminding yourself you're in the dead of winter here. mine is that exactly all for the fact that my children are out here. you want to be where your kids are. >> okay. next up we've got julie, and she's going to ask something about your earliest drink. i can only wonder if it's age or time of day. either one will be interesting. >> time of day. what's the earliest in the morning that you drink? >> that is very personal. >> sorry. we got you a drink. >> okay. now is probably a good time. >> our earliest is 10:00. that's when our show starts. we don't have our first show until the show begins. at 10:00. >> well, sometimes we're on the
2:26 am
earlier hours, they have wine tastings and things, but that's not our fault. that's just our job. >> we are doing what we're told to do. >> and born to do. >> thank you. >> he might have a question for the ladies. here we go. do it, redfoo. >> who is the better dancer when nobody is watching? >> oh. >> oh. >> who has had the most practice because she's older? [ cheers ] >> let's have a vote. okay. and go. >> i think that would be a great vote. >> who thinks hoda is a better dancer? [ cheering ] >> is that it? >> who think kathie lee the possibly more seasoned. that's a pretty even vote. >> i leave my best moves for certain people. >> redfoo. >> really, kathie, that will be in our next segment. come on up here, michael. here you go. >> as an avid runner, i would like to know, hoda, have you had
2:27 am
a chance to take advantage of our beautiful southern california sun and get out and run? >> you know what, i haven't been able to run outside yet because of our hours. they've been so crazy. when we were in santa monica and i was looking at that beautiful area right along the beach all i wanted to do was run, but we were working so i wasn't able to. hopefully in the next couple of days. >> we're going to stay a few extra days and run off all those hot dogs we've eaten. >> i have eaten like a hog since i have gotten here. >> because of curtis. >> we can't help it. >> we are going to be back in just a little bit. we'll tell you how to get a sun-kissed california tan without being in the sun. how about that? >> no damage at all. we're going to hear a little bit of eddie gomez, aren't we? >> eddie gomez, take it. >> one of our street performers. ♪ ♪ teach me how to love -- it can be frustrating.n tt
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♪ >> and we are back, hoda woman, on this try day friday. our very last day here. >> oh, wah, wah. >> southern california universal city walk. >> bravo's competition series called "top chef masters" is in its fifth season here in l.a. while the list of chefs is still under wraps you know who can get a little bit of info out of curtis stone? you. >> our good friend curtis took me under his wing and had me taste things that never in a million years, hoda, would i have put in my mouth. if you know what i'm saying. >> you'll put a lot in there. >> stop it. you know what, i learned a thing or two. i have to admit. >> kathie lee. >> hello, curtis. hello, darling. >> i'm so glad you came to see me at work. >> usually you come to see us, and we put you to work. >> who would have known i'd find you at the bar? ♪ >> i got to be honest, i don't get this.
2:32 am
i don't know what's going on. i know there's a huge, huge cult following out there for this. what is it that appeals so much to people? "top chef masters" is the kind of show where you take people at the absolute peak of their career, they're cooking the best food in the country, we throw them into this crazy competition and make them fight it out. they have two hours, 200 people, and we take them out and taste these incredible dishes. you're going to eat with us tonight. you have an incredible palate. >> i love everything you cook. the bonafi pie. >> curtis. >> 24 hours ago there was absolutely nothing here. ♪ >> to watch how they turn southern fried chicken into a chicken dumping with a miso soup, it's unbelievable. >> everybody will get a little taste of it, huh? >> they better, or the chefs aren't doing their job.
2:33 am
>> are you excited about the food you're going to eat? >> so excited. >> you're salivating? >> yeah. >> you lovely ladies could be out clubbing in los angeles, but, no, you're here in a pop-up place in downtown los angeles for "top chef masters." why, you guys? what's going on? >> it's fun. >> it's fun. a wednesday night? like, why not? >> it's never just what's on the plate. >> it takes that head and alters the direction. >> draw blood. >> where do people get the idea that certain food critics are snobs about food? >> we're not. >> no, that's what i'm saying. i'm hanging out with you guys, and i haven't met a snob yet. where does that come from? >> wait until we start eating. they're snobs. >> we're not snobs. we're picky. there's a huge, huge difference.
2:34 am
>> i like to use the word "discerning." >> you haven't eaten the eyeballs yet. >> have the nub at the end. you don't have it eat the eyeball part of it. >> look. look. look. >> see, it's delicious, right? it's completely delicious. >> no, it's delicious. >> it's delicious. >> somebody cleaned their plate. >> oh, my gosh. >> so you are looking forward to eating organs and things? >> i'm going to keep my eye out. >> you guys are almost like trekkies, right? >> no, no, no. >> that's what you seem like to me. you're at a trekky convention here. >> i have to taste some of those dumplings. >> it's delicious. >> i don't think i'll ever eat a shrimp head again with the eyes and all that. never going to order chicken feet. i know that. but i'm a better person because i came here to downtown los angeles, because i tasted something new in life, because i went out of my comfort zone. but i still wouldn't go to eat the heart.
2:35 am
>> and while you have to wait a few more months for "top chef masters" you can catch the finale for "top chef seattle" -- we see you, john. that would be wednesday on bravo. >> coming up after this, a little more john lovett maybe. but we're going to talk about spray tans. what is john doing everywhere? >> hi, john. ♪ driving, serving, planning, writing, nursing and teaching it took to earn it. so we give you the power to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. our customized interview covers everything from a service member's deployment to a student's loan interest, right down to a teacher's crayons. you've worked hard to earn your money. we're here to help you keep it. turbotax. the power to keep what's yours. try it free at
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♪ i'm going to soak up the sun >> we've been in l.a. for a number of days and we weren't able to score a real tan so why not fake it? >> in this case faking is a good thing. here to show you how to get a gorgeous glow is jenny blazer from sunkissed by jenny. >> hello, jenny. >> jenny, if that's your real name. >> is it true that people look thinner with a tan? >> yes. completely. 100%. more defined.
2:40 am
kind of slimlines your legs. >> you have to be worried about the orange? a lot of people who have those tans look orangey. >> doesn't matter how thin you are. if you are orange, it's weird. >> awful awful. less is more. you do not need a lot. >> let's fix jesse up. here's jesse's before picture. >> he didn't need much. >> now, tell us what's wrong with jesse. >> nothing. >> nothing. exactly. >> all right. show us what you are going to do now, jenny, to jesse's abs. >> we are going to contour his abs. just make them pop out. >> contour. >> a little more defined. right here. >> i just want -- >> you can touch them if you like. i'm kidding. >> yeah. you're right. >> that looks so much -- wow. look. you guys see the difference? >> yeah. >> i know, but the minute you go
2:41 am
to touch hill it will smear. >> it will dry. >> dry first. >> you can make it darker if you want. >> that only works if you have abs to begin with. >> you are doing runway, right? >> well, i mean, i could draw them on even if you didn't have them, but it looks better -- >> he looks great. >> it's fun. >> this isn't a thing you could do at home, is it, jenny? >> you could buy the machine and do it yourself at home, but it's too difficult. >> let's look at sara's before. sara looks adorable no matter what. sara's before picture. [ cheers ] >> hotty. >> now, what did you do to sara? you sprayed her? >> so i sprayed her. just evened out everything. we just can do a little contouring as well. >> to the black tent. >> and you don't want to go too much. you just kind of want to streamline right here. >> right where it is natural. >> go deep. go deep. whatever you got to do. make it happen.
2:42 am
>> feel the burn. >> like that. >> also -- >> sara has very, very impressive cleavage. >> thank you, mom and dad. >> how long does this last, jenny, when you spray one of these on? >> anywhere from five to ten days. >> so you can shower and everything and it doesn't come off? >> yes. eight hours, you spray. eight hours, and are you good to go. >> how much does it run if you went to your shop? >> you can do in salon or house calls. $60 in salon. it ranges. anywhere from $50 to $75. house calls 100 to 200. >> what can you do for this? . spray it. >> nothing for -- >> you can just do a color darker here. >> do it. do it. as we go out. >> get under there. >> oh, yeah. how is that. oh. that looks good. you don't even need it. i didn't know you had that muscle. oh, my god. >> kathie. two trips to the gun show. hey.
2:43 am
>> thanks, jenny, so much. >> coming up next oscar predictions right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. your seven-day forecast as we track winter storm q part 2 today. kicking off the saturday we're going to have rain across the southeast into the mid-atlantic all the way up into philly. it looks like a rain event. new york city will see showers on and off. the snow will be for new england. in fact a couple of inches possible in places like boston, maybe as much as six inches. we're going to be tracking that for you on the weather channel all day saturday. snowshowers around the great lakes. and the next storm will start to push into the mountains. that will be winter storm rocky. 44 degrees in denver today. gets colder on sunday. and the snow moves in here it comes. salt lake city looking at snow also on the rain to about 2 to 5
2:44 am
inches. heavier snow up into the mountains. central and northern rockies there. we'll see snow spread across the high plains. and this will be winding down on sunday. but sunday morning still looking at some snow and wind across new england. 66 in atlanta and dry by sunday. temperatures start to rebound across parts of the south. did i mention how hot it's going to be down into florida? 87 in orlando. right around 90 for miami. and there's where the rain is for you on monday. snowshowers associated with rockies moving into the middle of the country. kansas city looking at possibly some heavy snow once again. that will head into chicago monday night into tuesday morning. wintery mix for the ohio valley. more rain for the east coast on tuesday. then we dry things out on wednesday looking at about 58 for the high in atlanta, 39 in louisville, only 38 with fresh snow on the ground there in denver. on thursday some great lakes and ohio valley snow. temperatures are going to stay cooler than average all the way
2:45 am
down into parts of the southeast by late next week. remember you can get the very latest wake up with al weekday mornings on the weather channel at 5:30 a.m. a lot of sinus productsth , don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ angry gibberish ] [ fake coughs ] sorry that was my fault sir. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus severe sinus. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try alka seltzer plus severe sinus day and night for complete relief from your worst sinus symptoms. we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪
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2:47 am
>> while movie critics are trying to pick the big winning movies for the oscars, the fashionistas are all about the glamour. >> fashion designer kevin hall has styled everyone from tina fey to catherine heigl, what we're going to be wanting when we see it. the big day is coming up. >> oscar. that's the big one. that's the holy grail. >> do you think there will be a lot of color, a lot of black, a lot of skin? >> all of that. >> you are going to see beautiful shades of red, emerald green, bare backs, and there's a lot of trends that will be happening oscar night. >> there are certain celebs who always take risks. we're used to seeing them on the red carpet.
2:48 am
>> jennifer lopez. the time she wore that beautiful plunging neckline. the versace thing. really fantastic. >> there was a lot on there. >> she took a risk, and that moved her forward in terms of the fashion people looking at her. exactly. >> let's bring out our first model. this is gina. she's wearing metallic. do you think this is going to be popular? >> this is the trend. >> the metallic. this background with metallic. it's all geometric cut, and this is a david meister gown. >> we love david. >> he does great things. >> a great back. you look good going and coming. >> that's the thing. you can't just be seen from the front. >> you'll be walking away. >> and everybody -- >> old hollywood. i like that. >> very old hollywood. like jean harlow, the sirens of the 1930s. >> sounds great. >> thank you, gina. >> next up, you said that this jewel color is very trendy. >> the trend right now is emerald green. that's going to be the color
2:49 am
that's going to be shown a lot. this is shades of emerald, and this is a beautiful siren 1940s almost joan crawford in this effect. this is an angela dean dress, and you have to wear your gear for this. you got to spanx it up. >> how many pairs of spanx. >> two or three. whatever it takes. >> unless you are in unbelievable shape. like so many are. >> even size 2 will spank it up. you have to be seamless and smooth. that's the whole idea. you want to look great from every angle. >> all right. thanks. thank you so much. >> the retro style silhouette. we have amanda with the sleeves and all. >> this is great. it's a very diaphinous kind of flowy idea. i love the idea of sleeves too, and that's kind of a trend. the girls are going mad right now. >> the girls are going to show their arms. >> they're wearing sleeves. you can do a sleeve up to here or a neckline -- >> it's all about a sleeve. >> what about the color red? is that going to be a big color?
2:50 am
>> you know michelle obama wore red, and i think we're going to see that happening on the red carpet more as well this time. >> okay. >> i love the bling on this as well because it's kind of -- it's ballerina length. i think it's kind of -- >> tea length. >> very, very pretty. feminine look. >> thanks, hon. >> now we have zenka. she's showing off architectural drama. >> when you wear a black dress sometimes, you can kind of disappear. you better give them something to look at. >> let's give them something to talk about. >> uh-huh. >> i knew she was going to sing. that's what she likes to do. >> they love it when i burst out in song. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is great because it has an architectural neckline. plungy slit in the front. then you have a beautiful sweeping kind of train. this is really great. this is lloyd cline, and lloyd trained at madam gray in paris. gives the parisian hollywood feeling.
2:51 am
>> it almost wears itself. >> it's very architectural. >> this is good for a girl that wants structure. she's not afraid to really show she's confident. >> that's like a cate blanchett. >> exactly. >> you know, this will be amazing on a lot of the girls. >> is it possible to have too much detail? >> i don't think so. not in black. this is great. i love all the trapunto stitching on the neckline. >> i don't know what that means. >> that's all the detail. it's about the detail. i think -- >> that's quite beautiful, actually. it's like a feminine tuxedo for a woman. >> that's exactly what it is. it's a tuxedo. >> thank you. >> all right. we've had a terrific week, and coming up next we're going to take a look back at all the fun we had. >> after this. >> this is "today" on nbc. what did i do with my last fii was a dietician..... a housekeeper... a pediatrician... yeah, that was a third degree booboo
2:52 am
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>> we want to give a big thank you to the l.a. tourism board. thank you to universal city walk. we're handing out freebies to everybody.
2:56 am
>> monday we'll be back with the best and the worst dressed at the oscars on monday. >> we should point out something. all these people that you are seeing behind us are our crew and the wonderful people who help us put this show on. >> and producers. >> look at tammy. right here. >> big round of applause, everybody. bye from l.a. ♪ california love >> we are so in love with southern california. we've had a fun, fun, fun two weeks. ♪ ♪ daisy dukes, bikinis on top >> yeah. >> and a star. from the walk of fame. >> i want to thank the academy. >> who doesn't love him? nobody. >> i'm here at howie mandel's malibu beach house. >> you want me to show you the place? >> you are the hottest grandmother in the world, by the way. >> thank you.
2:57 am
>> hello. >> come in. >> i want to make up. >> this is where i take all my dates. this is the griffith observatory. look at this place. >> the l.a. tourism board has been off the hook terrific to us. >> whoa! ♪ going to soak up the sun >> we have a spectacular looking crowd. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> come on. come on. >> hit it. ♪ you make feel like i'm living a teenage dream the way you turn me on ♪ >> this is for flo. >> i don't know why we can't be together? ♪ i heard you were a wild one ♪ wild one ♪ oh >> you're the best. >> come on. >> everyone has a moment. that changes their life and then -- >> now you. ♪
2:58 am
>> turn around. >> oh, my god! >> can you even believe what just happened? edgar got a brand new car. >> come on. >> bye. jeff: come on out, lisa rinna. a hot smart woman. with a sneak peek at her clothing line. this is exciting stuff. then he's one of the stars of "lincoln" and "jango in chains." i used to have a man crush on clooney until 6:30 ago. plus, we're bringing back yvette. >> yes, i'm gorgeous! jeff: hello, hello. roll it!
2:59 am
all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. [ applause ] hello, and welcome to the show. thank you very much. have a seat. thank you for the welcome. big day today. we have first, lisa rinna. i don't know how many years she was on days of our lives. she comes, she goes. she gets shot. she dies. she comes back. well known for being a host, red car met commentator. she also has a very big clothing line on qvc. she's giving us a sneak peek. and, with her -- if it wasn't enough, walter goggins. if i had to list my top 15 favorite actors in the world, movie, whatever, walton would be on it. he's in


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